Xtreme Klean

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Restore your exterior surfaces back to looking like new. Our system cleans hard surfaces used on most driveway, patio and pathways - slabs, mono block paving, crazy paving, tarmac, flag stones, concrete, decking, and stone driveways. The alternative is replacement which can be expensive, messing and time consuming, we have cleaned surfaces that looked beyond repair. Most area’s can be pressure cleaned within one day and if required sealed to protect the area for years.

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Tile & Grout Clean & Seal, Shower Clean & Seal, Paver, Stone Restoration, Sandstone Clean & Sealed, Carpet Couches Drapes Steam Clean, Driveway High Pressure Clean & Seal


Once your tiles and grout have been professionally cleaned, why not seal the surface in order to preserve the first class finish? A “clear seal” is a highly effective way of protecting grout and natural stone tiles.