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Need serious cleaning equipment for a short period of time with Affordable price? Hire or rent commercial cleaning machine at lower prices from Golden Brown Cleaning Supplies.

As a commitment to providing quality rental services that are value for money, our hire rates are very competitively priced, and we’re also always updating our selection with the latest technology and equipment to ensure we can cater to a variety of needs. Golden Brown Cleaning Supplies and Machinery Rental offers a wide range of affordable, high quality equipment and building machinery for hire in Melbourne. Browse our online tool hire shop!

  • There is no mess too small or too large that can't be handled by our floor cleaning equipment. From wet and dry vacuums through to industrial sweepers, you will find the right cleaning product to assist in completing the job. 
  • We have the tools and equipment you need to help you complete your next cleaning project. Whether it's floor care, landscape, lifting equipment, pressure washing and hire bins or an option for getting large van to move your home equipment, the Golden Brown Hire Shop has the right equipment for you. Contact our store for options and availability.

# 9.5S Hire Booking Equipment Form                

Hiring Auto Scrubber Machine Tennant

Hiring the Machine per days: $350.00 Plus GST

Hiring the Machine per week: $1150.00 Plus GST

Shipping Drop and Pick Up (only in Melbourne): $180 Plus GST

Not Hiring

Hire Auto Scrubber Machine 400mm Electrical.


Not Hiring

Hire Auto Scrubber Machine 500mm Battery Operate

Not Hiring

Hire Auto Scrubber Ride on Machine 820mm Battery Operate

Come with Driver at $35.00 per Hour
Not Hiring

Hire Blower Fan , 3 Speed

Not Hiring

Hire Buffing Machine 400mm Poly Vac Rotary Shampoo & Scrubber.

Hire Buffing Machine 450mm, Poly Vac Electric Floor Polisher

Not Hiring

Hire Buffing Machine 500mm Poly Vac Dominator Ultra High Speed.

Only Local Hire

Hire Duplex 420 Steam Rotary Cleaner

Hire Duplex Steam Cleaner
Only Local Hire

Hire Ride on Sweeper Cyndan Battery Operate

Hire Wet Extraction Carpet Cleaner Machine with 3000 W Vacuum, 1500 PSI Pressure Pump

Carpet Steam Machine with a vacuum hose, solution hose, and wand tool for the hire.
Not Hiring

Hire Wet Extraction Machine Demostic

Only Local Hire

Hire Pressure Hot Water Washer 1500 PSI, Pressure 100 bar, Electric plus Diesel.

Hire Steam Machine.

Not Hiring

Hire Wet Dry Pullman Janitor Vac with 1 Motor & 2 Stage

Not Hiring

Hire Wet Dry Vacuum with 2 Motor & 2 Stage. Daily Hire Charged: