Products Catalogue List

Window, Floor Snappy Scraper, Knife & Blades

Ashtray, Butler Smoke Floor & Table Ashtray

Plastic Paper & Foil Bags, Freezer & Zip Bag

Rubbish Plastic Bin Liner Black, White & Clear

Rubbish & Sanitary Bins, Wheelie Bins

Spray, Pump, Pressure Pump, Accessory

Broom, Cobweb & Angle Broom, Pipe Duster

Brush, Dish Washer Brush, Scrubber Brush

Window, Press Wringer, and Carry Bucket

Agar, Enzyme, Clean + Research, Aqua Seal

Plastic Knife, Spoon & Fork

Towel, Napkin, Hand Soap Dispenser & Dryer

Dust Mask, Cover Shoes, Hairnet

Lobby & Dust Pan

Feather, Microfiber Duster

Floor Squeegee & Accessory

Aluminum Foil, Wrap and Pallet Wrap

Glitter Pads and Holder, Shoe Pad

Latex, Vinyl, Rubber & PVC Glove

Hot Plate & Grill Scraper and Pads

Mop & Broom Handle

Equipment & Cloth Holder

Vacuum, Machinery Electrical Part & Belt

Ladder & Scaffold Equipment

Vacuum, Sweeper, Buffer Machine

Floor & Desk Mats, Shoe Mats, Urinal Mats

Sanitary Wipe & Medical Products

Mop, Flat Mop, Polish Mop

Nipper Reacher & Expendable Hand Reach

Bonnet Pad, Brush & Instalock Pad

Toilet & Facial Tissue, Hand Towel, Fax Paper

Plates Cup, Container, Strew

Rags, Cloths, Microfiber Rag, Chux, Recycle

Refill Flat Mop, Fringe Mop, Polish Mop

Safety Sign Cone & A Frame, Vest & Accessory

Sponge Scourer, Steel Wool, Magic Sponge

Tapes, Teflon, Electrical, Sticky Tape

Janitor, Dish Scissor and Cart Trolley

Vacuum & Machinery Tools & Parts

Window Cleaning Equipment Kits & Parts