What size bin will I require for my waste?

Bins are sold by the cubic metre and this is the most important calculation to ensure you are able to remove all waste with minimal effort and cost. The best comparison is to understand a standard box trailer (6’ x 4’) is approximately one cubic meter when level with the top side. Otherwise just measure the material if in a pile. The formula is: Length x width x height (measured in meters) = cubic meters. This is the approximate size bin you will require.

How long can I have the bin for?

Bin hire period is seven (7) days. If you are finished before the period ends simply ring us and book the bin for collection.

What kind of material can not be placed in the bin?

Asbestos in any form, food, tyres, car batteries, hazardous or toxic waste.

Do you service my area?

We service the Melbourne Metropolitan Area.

Do I need to be there when the bin is delivered and picked up?

No, as long as payment has been organised and you have advised exactly where the bin is to be placed. If you are not on site for delivery it is best to mark the location with a rubbish can or something similar and give specific details at the time of ordering the bin. Be sure to advise of any special considerations such as low power lines, water meters, narrow driveways etc.

How can I pay for the bin?

Payment can be made via direct deposit, with Visa or Mastercard over the phone at the time of booking, or by cash at delivery.

Can the bin be placed anywhere I want?

No, you will need to consider the trucks are 2.5 meters wide but will fit through most driveways, low power lines or cables and the bins can only be removed from the rear of the truck, not the front or sides. Also will it be placed on your property or councils? Some councils require you to obtain a permit if on their property so check first to avoid a penalty notice.

Can I fill with bricks, soil and concrete?

Yes, as long as you have advised this at the time of booking the bin.

Will the bin have a door for wheelbarrow access?

Many of our bins do have doors but not all so be sure to advise your requirements at the time of booking.

Can I fill the bin over the rim?

No, this causes safety issues during transport of the bin and is against RTA regulations.