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At Golden Brown Cleaning Services we believe it’s important to look after people because we have a committed team of specially trained cleaners who are passionate about ensuring your commercial space is FIT for business. Each cleaner is experienced in our quality assured, compliant systems and procedures, ensuring a guaranteed first class service every time we clean.

With our superior commercial cleaning services, your company will never need to look for another commercial cleaner again, if you are looking for a quality cleaning service for your office, we at Golden Brown Cleaning Services can gladly cater to your needs. We understand the challenges of running a business, let alone managing it, and it can be tempting to ignore smaller aspects of your office. How many times have you walked into your office and felt that your office needs some cleaning? You might see dust collecting in areas, floor stains which might be from your spilt coffee, and even dirty windows. You always want to get this cleaned but most times procrastinate as you feel that there are more important things to work on. However, with a clean, tidy and spotless working environment, you can create a sense of well-being and increased motivation working in a clean and hygienic office. Best of all, you don’t even need to get your hands dirty as we will do all the cleaning for you. Our commercial and corporate cleaning in Melbourne and Victoria will provide you with anything and everything you need when it comes to office cleaning in Melbourne our customers in the commercial sector include high rise buildings, small offices, corporate offices, car yard, dance stadium, cinema, supermarket, saloon, hall and venue. Golden Brown Cleaning Services cover a variety of cleaning areas in an office or a commercial building. The service may also include maintaining the different facilities in a building.

At Golden Brown Cleaning Services for large commercial office cleaning works, we can tailors your quote down to the square metre to guarantee you never pay a cent more than you have to for your cleaning, as we measure your site to generate your quote.

Affordable Cleaning Base on Hourly Rates. Call us Now For More Information with Modern Equipment, Reliable Services, Professional Cleaners and Integrated System of Work and Technology. Free Quote.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Golden Brown has over 25 Years Experience in High Quality Control, Quality Assured, Responsive & Professional, Tailored Programs, Responsive & Reliable, Trusted Cleaner, Efficient & Friendly.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Provide Cleaning Services to all type of Commercial Building

  • Cinema Cleaning
  • Car Yard Cleaning
  • Dance Stadium Cleaning
  • Saloon and Hall Cleaning
  • Shop Cleaning
  • Supermarket Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Golden Brown Office Cleaning is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to its clients. We realise to achieve this we must be available when the client needs us.

Commercial Cleaning

We are specialised in all types of commercial cleaning. Our services extend in all over Victoria. Our clients are included small to large organisations.

Corporate Office Cleaning

Our portfolio contains a varied mix of clients – from the large corporate right through to the smaller office needing our once-per-week service. Golden Brown Cleaning Services responds to and understands the specific needs of each of our clients and we consistently ensure that every single detail is taken care of. We understand that for our corporate clients, presentation is paramount and we strive to achieve the very best results that our clients expect and deserve.

Any Time we are for Cleaning

Golden Brown Cleaning Services provide during and after business hours offices cleaning to ensure a fresh start in next working day. Cleaning services in Melbourne can be provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your requirements. We offer a professional office cleaning service in Melbourne and to best suit your needs.

Golden Brown Cleaning Service Team

Golden Brown Cleaning Services is Melbourne's leading provider of corporate office, commercial and offices cleaning services. Our trained office and commercial cleaners will keep your premises spotlessly clean with Cost-effective and managed cleaning services. And for a complimentary free quote, call us on (03) 9933 1100

Corporate Office and Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne

At Golden Brown Cleaning Services we understand that all type of offices and commercials cleaning sector are very different to each other. We recognise the necessity to transform premises from often a soiled appearance to a clean, bold & polished presentation on a daily basis.

After hours cleaning of offices, medical centers and shopping centers & etc. can be provided to ensure a fresh start to the working day or service can be provided during business hours as well. These cleaning services in Melbourne can be provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your requirements.

We offer a professional office cleaning service in Melbourne and to best suit your needs, we:

  • Perform an on-site inspection to identify the scope and nature of the work.
  • Discuss your cleaning, security and occupational health and safety requirements to ensure a safe and secure environment for your staff and ours.
  • Provide a written, no-obligation quote.

    Golden Brown Cleaning Services requires that all staff have current police checks ensuring our reliability; honesty and efficiency are second to none. This contributes to Golden Brown Cleaning Services reputation being highly recognised and valued by our clients.

Professional Services

Professional Cleaning Services Company Servicing Melbourne for all your needs in cleaning include, Carpet Dry Cleaning, Steam Cleaning, Wet Extraction Cleaning, Bonnet Cleaning, Stain Removing, Builder Clean, End of Lease or Vacate Cleaning, Move Out Cleaner, Spring Cleaning, Flood Restoration, Pressure Washing, Car Detailing, Graffiti Removing, Duct Cleaning, Canopy Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Roadside Sweeping, Scrub Washing Floor and much more. We do have rage profession cleaner, who they are specialise in their field.

Cleaner Services

Detailed Cleaner Experience in Cleaning Service, Servicing Melbourne with full equipment van and each has their own specialise cleaning tools which make the job fast, perfect and economy.

Cleaning Specialise

Specialise Cleaning Service Company

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About Us and Cleaning Services

About Us and Our Service. Golden Brown Cleaning Services provides the full spectrum of cleaning services required to professionally clean your home or office or business and deliver General Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Steam Cleaning, Sweeping, Car Detailing, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Strip and Reseal, Stone Restoration, Clean after Builder and Flood in urban, regional and remote locations in Melbourne.

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