Equipment and Stationary Supplies

GB Stationery Office Supplies

Golden Brown offers a huge range of Office Supplies at competitive prices, including Office Stationery, Tapes, Glue, Equipment and Tools, Shower and Kitchen Equipments.

GB Stationery Office Supplies

Your one stop office supply shop for stationery, equipment and more. Shop today and enjoy free same day delivery and guaranteed cheapest prices.

GB Stationary Battery


GB Stationary Candle


GB Stationary Tools and Equipments

Tools and Equipments

GB Stationary Household Equipment

Household Equipment

GB Stationary Kitchen and Shower

Kitchen and Shower

GB Stationary Personal Care

Personal Care

GB Stationary Miscellaneous Item


GB Stationery Products

Stationery Products

GB Stationery Luggage


GB Stationery Sticky Tapes and Glue

Sticky Tapes and Glue

GB Stationery Safety Tapes

Safety Tapes

GB Stationery Packaging Products

Packaging Products

GB Stationery Painting Accessory

Printing Accessory

GB Stationery Printer


GB Stationery Key Ring

Key Ring

GB Stationery Plates and Cups

Plates and Cups

GB Stationery Cutlery Products

Cutlery Products

GB St Consumable Disposable Products

Consumable Disposable

GB Stationery Bags and Singlet

Bags and Singlet

GB St Safety Signs

Safety Signs

GB St Paper Products

Paper Products

Printing Paper

Printing Paper

Floor Mats, Urinal Mat


Dispenser Hand Dryer Soap Hand Towel


Safety Ashtray Can

D1 AD Safety Ashtray Can

Freezer Bags Small 120 PK

B1 FPB Freezer Bags Small PK120

Laundry Bag Fresh Press Large 65cm x 48cm

B1 LB Laundry Bag Fresh Press Large 65cm X 48cm

Laundry Bag Fresh Press Small 43cm x 24cm

B1 LB Laundry Bag Fresh Press Small 43cm X 24cm

Sipper Lid Suit 10F & 12F Cup 340 Mil 1000 Ctn

P3 LD3 Sipper Lid Suit 10F & 12F Cup 340 Mil 1000 Ctn

Sipper Lid Suit 10F & 12F Cup 340 Mil 100 Pk

P3 LD3 Sipper Lid Suit 10F & 12F Cup 340 Mil 100 Pk

S6 SM Bar Stool Retro

Dress Bag 24 X 56, 2 PK

B1 SCB Dress Bag 2PCS 24 X 56" 2PK

Under bed Storage Bag

B1 SCB Underbed Storage Bag

S6 SM Lint Remover Dura Power

S6 SM Poncho PVA

Aluminium Foil 30cm x 5m

F3 FW1 Aluminium Foil 30cmX5m

Table Cloth 52 x 72 Inch Oblong

B1 CTC Table Cloth 52" X 72" Oblong

Table Cloth 60 Inch Round

B1 CTC Table Cloth 60" Round

Bag PP RWB Small

B1 RWB Bag PP RWB Small

Bag PP RWB Jumbo

B1 RWB Bag PP RWB Jumbo

S6 SM Twistee Tie Tape 2 Pk

S6 KS Drain Stopper 3 Pieces Vinyl

S6 SM Shoe Polish Liquid 75 mil

S6 SM Shoe Polisher 3 Piece Set

Suit Bag 24 X 36, 2 PK

B1 SCB Suit Bag 2PCS 24 X 36" 2PK

S6 SM Lint Brush Remover Magic

S6 SM Chair Tubular Seat & Back Cushion

Shower Curtain Heavy

B1 CTC Shower Curtain Heavy

Floor Ashtray

D1 AD Floor Ashtray, Smokers Floor Ash Tray