Some basic problem pretty easily be resolved by going through the troubleshooting guide.

GB Specification Cleaning Machine GB GB Specification Cleaning Machine GB GB Specification Cleaning Machine GB

GB Specification Cleaning Machine GB

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Please check below range of troubleshooting for our cleaning machinery.

GB Specification Cleaning Machine GB

Mytee Wet Extraction Pump Issue.
If there is a pressure build up or clog somewhere in the lines or behind the quick disconnects.

GB Specification Cleaning Machine GB

How To Prime a Pump and Avoid Vapor Lock.
Quick Tip: If your machine has vapor locked, turn off your heater and pump and unplug your machine. Allow the machine to cool down. To help alleviate built-up pressure in your heater more quickly, depress (push down) the spring-loaded nipple located inside of the female disconnect on the machine. Use caution. To avoid vapor lock, the pump must be primed before the heater is turned on. Read the information below or click on the link to watch a video

GB Specification Cleaning Machine GB

Continuous Flow Capability on Focus™ Vapor Steamer.
What is Continuous Flow Capability? The Focus™ Vapor Steamer features Continuous Flow Capability, which means that you can keep making new steam without having to wait for the machine to cool down first. This is especially important because it means there is no down time between tank refills.

How To Maintain Your Carpet Extractor
To ensure the optimum performance of your Mytee extractor, you must take time to clean the machine out regularly. Use Mytee’s 3601 System Maintainer weekly for maximum performance and pressure and to prolong the life of your machine.

Installing Brass Fittings on Diaphragm Pumps
Applies 8070, HP60, HP120, 1000DX-200, 1001DX-200, 20-110, and older units with similar diaphragm pumps. When installing a replacement diaphragm pump with a polymer pump head, special care must be taken to seal the threads with only a liquid or paste pipe sealant, and not to over tighten the fitting, in order to avoid cracking of the pump head. Cracked pump heads will not be subject to warranty and cannot be returned. Click on PDF attachment above for in-depth instructions on installing brass fitting. Watch a video on Installing Brass Fittings.

Vacuum Motors Troubleshooting
Basic Operation. Troubleshooting. Replacing a C310 Motor with C302LA Motor.

How To Diagnose and Replace a Fuse Failure
If the machine is not producing heat, but the pigtail lights up when plugged in, it is possible that the machine has a bad fuse. Step 1. Diagnose if you have a fuse failure. Follow the steps outline in the document below to diagnose whether or not there is a fuse failure. Step 2. Replacing the bad fuse. If the diagnosis is positive for fuse failure, follow the steps outlined in this video

How To Use and Maintain Cuff-Lynx™ Hose Connectors
Read the PDF article above for information on Cuff-Lynx™, such as: How To Use, Connecting Hose Segments Together, Lubrication of Cuff-Lynx™ Hose Connectors, Connecting Hoses to Cleaning Tools

ECO-17 Troubleshooting
Read the PDF article above for troubleshooting information on the ECO-17 Orbital Encap / Floor Machine.



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