c1 a g-solve 1 lit agar

G-Solve 1 Liter AGAR

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C1 A G-Solve 1 Lit AGAR MSDS A03 B

C1 A G-Solve 1 Lit AGAR MSDS A03 B

G-SOLVE is a water-emulsifiable pre-spotter for removing stains from carpet and clothing prior to rinsing. It can also be used on hard surfaces to remove Blu-Tak, Chewing Gum and Greasy Spots. G-SOLVE is a powerful stain remover for dissolving hard-to shift black grease and oil stains, chewing gum, tar, asphalt, candle wax, cooking fat and oil, oil-based furniture polish, ink stains and many adhesives.

Carpet and Fabrics: Pre-test on an inconspicuous area to ensure colour will not run. If, Ok, apply G-SOLVE to a cloth and dab the stain working from the edge to the centre. When stain is gone, rinse G-SOLVE from the carpet by sponging with water or by hot-water extraction. Washable clothing should be laundered after applying the G-SOLVE. Removing Adhesive or Chewing Gum: Scrape off the excess gum if possible. Pour G-SOLVE on to residue and leave 2-5 minutes to penetrate and break down. Use scraper to punch holes in lumps of chewing gum to assist G-SOLVE to work under the gum. Lift off gum or adhesive then remove any residue with more G-SOLVE and give a final rinse with water.