Driveway 5 Liters Agar Hydrocarbon

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C1 A Driveway 5 Lit Agar MSDS, Hydrocarbon

C1 A Driveway 5 Lit Agar MSDS, Hydrocarbon

Drive Away

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     Code DR5, DR20
pH Level



5L, 20L

Product Description

What is Drive Away?

DRIVE AWAY is a unique solvent-based cleaner which dissolves oil and grease spots from both porous and sealed concrete surfaces.

Key Benefits

  • DRIVE AWAY attacks oil and grease and dissolves spots from concrete.
  • DRIVE AWAY emulsifies with water allowing oil and grease to be simply hosed away.

How Does It Work?

DRIVE AWAY is a powerful, hydrocarbon based cleaner which readily attacks and dissolves grease and oil. The detergent ingredients then emulsify the oil and enable it to be washed away with water or steam. DRIVE AWAY actively removes oil and grease from engines, machinery, tools,concrete parking bays, driveways and workshop floors.