Turbo Dry Oxygenator Research Products 5 Kg

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C1 RP Turbo Dry Oxygenator Research Products 5 Kg

Turbo Dry

Turbo Dry Oxygenator Research Products 5 Kg

Turbo Dry Oxygenator Research Products 5 Kg

Dry extraction carpet cleaning and deodorizing process. TURBO DRY SOIL RELEASE - Heavy duty stain loosening prespray for carpet dry cleaning methods. Dilutes for economy. May also be used as a carpet spotter. TURBO DRY OXYGENATOR - Stain remover and germicidal odour remover. Used as a pad applied hot rinse solution speeds drying, brilliant cleaning results. Hyper allergenic, no perfumes

With so many establishments now open 24 hours per day, there is no longer an opportunity to successfully wet extraction clean. In commercial establishments like Hospitals, Hotels, Airports and office buildings, steam extraction cleaning is just not possible due to slow drying times causing disruption within the building.

Self cleaned establishments are another logical target for dry carpet cleaning. In-house staff can quickly and safely attend to spills or stains - without disrupting building traffic. In the home market, dry carpet cleaning has been a success because householders want dry carpet to walk on almost immediately after cleaning. The second reason it has been successful is that it is perceived that dry cleaning offer potentially less risk of shrinkage or some form of damage to the carpet.

The fact that the huge success of dry carpet cleaning has been a consumer driven one indicates a strong market exists outside the parameters of franchised operations. The TURBO DRY carpet cleaning process can be operated by contract cleaning companies and carpet steam cleaning companies at very little additional equipment cost and no franchise charges. You can now take advantage of this burgeoning market.

Turbo Dry - the process and how it works
The TURBO DRY, dry extraction carpet cleaning system is the first one developed to operate on the unique principle of "oxygenation" of the carpet fibre. After you have completed the room or first area, check to see whether the traffic lanes are clean and that spots and stains are removed. If not, spray spotting solution on spots and agitate with fingers, then remove a clean Greenstripe pad, wring off till damp and machine the spots or traffic lanes with this more aggressive pad. If the area is to be used within the hour it may be necessary to pad the traffic lane with a Bullseye pad to speed drying.
The heavier the soilage the more moisture you will have to use in your pads to release this soil and the hotter your Oxygenator solution will need to be. Don't be mean with clean pads as the more frequently you turn pads or use hot fresh ones, the better the result you will achieve.
Turbo Dry Soil Release
A carefully formulated, low ph, low residue emulsifier and fibre cleaner. This product can be used as both a spotter for heavy stains and spots or it may be used as the cleaning agent prespray. Safe on every type of fibre, TURBO DRY Soil Release is designed to assist the carpet drying.
TURBO DRY Oxygenator/Deodoriser
Added in hot water and padded over the carpet this powder helps remove old shampoo residues, browning stains and soils as well as brightens colours. By liberating oxygen bubbles through the fibre carpet is deodorised and drying is speeded up. The results achieved by the TURBO DRY process will equal if not better any other carpet cleaning wet or dry.
It is a two part process where first the carpet is vacuumed out and pre-sprayed or pre-spotted with SOIL RELEASE. Specially developed soil absorbent pads soaked in "OXYGENATOR" solution are then buffed over the carpet to extract the dirt and stains. Three different pads deal with all types of carpet and soiling conditions. The oxygenation of the carpet help bubble out old stains, browning and recurring spots as well as lift the overall brightness of the carpet. The oxygenation of each fibre helps remove odours by oxidation, therefore you are able to clean and deodorise at the same time. Once you see the system operate you won't believe how fast the TURBO DRY dry soil extraction process dries, nor how well it cleans - it's amazing.
It has been proven in our research into carpet cleaning over the last 7 years that apart from areas of wet soilage like Hotel bars, club bars and discos over 95% of carpeted areas have a soilage condition only on the top 25% of the carpet pile. Walked in greasy soils, cooking oil vapours deposit on the tips of the fibre to attract further dry soil and pollution. The TURBO DRY process concentrates on this high level of soil at the surface and sub-surface region of the pile, yet still allows freedom for the operator to remove soil and stains from the deepest pile.
Cleaning performance
TURBO DRY is not just a touch up system because its speed performance allows it to dry clean while buildings or the smallest room in the house. Because of its stain removing power it can be used for spotting or removing traffic lanes as a maintenance system on a planned routine basis. The low level of residue ensures slow resoiling as an added bonus.
With many carpet manufacturers recommending the dry cleaning of carpet instead of wet or rotary methods shouldn't you look at TURBO DRY dry extraction cleaning. It has the performance that has been unavailable in other dry systems including dry powder methods. It is also less costly in equipment than any other method.