500 mm Blue Ice Glosmesh Ultra High Speed Floor Pads

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P1 FPU 500mm Blue Ice Glomesh Ultra High Speed: Removes less finish; gives up to 30% greater gloss on soft finishes.

Floor Pads


Floor Pads perform everything from aggressive floor stripping right through to dry polishing to a high shine.


Innovative Surface Cleaning Technology. Designed with an innovative Open Web Design and thicker fibres, Glomesh pads outperform other conventional scrubbing pads.


  • Ultra High Speed Pads
  • Stone Care Pads
  • Auto Scrubber Machine Pads
  • Regular Speed Pads


Burnisher Pads

Heel marks and scuff marks without removing an overabundant amount of floor finish. The Glomesh Ultra High Speed Floor Pads, suitable for everything from soft finishes to hard floor finishes. The ultra high speed floor pads suited to different floors and processes

Aqua Marine - bring up the shine without being aggressive enough to remove the finish.

Floor Pads Glosmesh Ultra High Speed Beige

Beige - a soft pad for soft to medium finishes.

Floor Pads Glosmesh Ultra High Speed Buckaroo

Buckaroo - Natural hair burnishing pad with hard aggressive binder

Ultra High Speed Floor Pad Blue Ice

Blue Ice - Removes less finish. Up to 30% greater gloss level

Floor Pads Glosmesh Ultra High Speed CoCo

Coco - Natural coco fibres cut burnish drag on soft finishes

Floor Pads Glosmesh Ultra High Speed Champagne

Champagne - Soft textured for dry burnishing medium hard polishes

Ultra High Speed Floor Pad  Jackeroo Lite

Jackeroo Lite - Natural hair to bring up gloss on soft finishes

Ultra High Speed Floor Pad Jackaroo

Jackeroo - Natural hair with synthetics cuts drag on medium hard polishes

GloRaser Pink - A superior pad that cleans and polishes to a brilliant shine. Will remove black


More aggressive for Ultra High Speed spray buffing.…

Peach Glosmesh Ultra High Speed Floor Pads


Marble Touchstone Pad TM400 Glomesh Floor Pads

A Unique and Revolutionary, Cleaning & Polishing System for Marble & Terrazzo, Regular Speed up to 650 rpm

Cyclone Glomesh Green, High Performance, Long Lasting Stone Care

For normal preparation this is the first-up pad. Repairs light scratches. 800

Cyclone Glomesh White, High Performance, Long Lasting Stone Care

Next stage of preparation. Micro-polishes the floor for improved reflection. Continues scratch removal.

Cyclone Glomesh Green, High Performance, Long Lasting Stone Care Pads

Final step for even better gloss especially with darker colours. Always use for granite maintenance. Capable of producing gloss to match newly-laid polish. Unique pad only available in Cyclone-D. 6000

The Glomesh ® Diamond Pads™ System provides the highest quality results as part of the industry leading range of floor pads by Glomesh New Zealand has been innovative in Diamond floor pad technology for wet or dry buffing/polishing of stone floors such as; marble, granite, stone tiles and other. Use only water for the startup process. Ongoing maintenance can be done by dry-buffing of floors under an Ultra High Speed burnisher, and using the 6000 Grit Pads. Maintain floors in a way that is better for the environment.
To start preparation on more seriously worn floors, this aggressive pad is used with a Regular Speed Swing Machine or Auto-Scrubber and a little water or Glomesh-D Floor Conditioner. Great starting point for unpolished concrete.


Auto Scrub & Pre Burnish Coral Glosmesh Floor Pad

Especially designed for Auto Scrubbers. Better than any red or blue pad. The perfect scrub without being over aggressive. Has good fluid through-flow for Auto-Scrubbers. Great for UHS Spray Buffing — shine and clean simultaneously — at Ultra High Speed. Also use as a Pre-Burnish pad to remove dirt and black heel marks at Ultra High Speed

Auto Scrub Pad Glomesh Floor Pads

Wet light duty scrubbing pad.