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C1 RP Sensation Research Products 5 Lit

C1 RP Sensation Research Products 5 Lit Very fast acting alkaline side spotter for protein, food spills, blood, vomit and faeces. Also added to prespray for power boost on old acrylic and as an under door and edge "black line remover". Traffic lane cleaner for man made fibres.


SENSATION as the name suggests is a few type of formulation developed for the biggest problems facing today's professional carpet cleaner. The removal and albuminous based spots, spills, some medicines like iodine, soft drink stains as well as the cleaning of older low cost synthetic loop pile carpet found in many rented home units.


  • Specialty spotter and pre-spray developed to remove stubborn albuminous stains - one of the biggest problems facing today's professional carpet cleaner
  • Developed specifically for man made fibres providing improved cleaning performance
  • pH: 11.5

SENSATION Directions

Spotting - Do Not Dilute

May be applied using a trigger sprayer during the extraction process or in the treatment of stains that have not been removed by extraction cleaning. Refer to spotting chart for complete use guide. Always rinse, neutralise or extract after using Sensation as a spotter.

Traffic Lanes - Manmade fibres

Some of the older polyester, acrylic and nylon fibres are extremely difficult to brighten and clean using conventional cleaning methods. Sensation brightens colours (particularly white) as well as removing many stains like air conditioning lines, under doorways and edges as well as removing traffic lanes.

Prespray Directions

Dilute with eight parts water and very evenly prespray traffic areas allowing 2 or 3 minutes for penetration. Dry scrub with wand to give even application, then extract using no chemicals in machine.

WARNING: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. If swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting. Give a glass of water.