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C1 RP Punch Heavy Duty Cleaner Research Products 5 Lit

C1 RP Punch Heavy Duty Cleaner Research Products 5 Lit Our most powerful, highly active, ceramic stain remover and restorer. Heavy duty for ceramic tiles, quarry tiles and concrete factory floors. Highly biodegradable, phosphate-free, hi-tech formula: pH 13.5.

The solution for problem ceramic tile floors

Many unglazed, vitrified and semi-glazed ceramic tiles collect and build-up soilage in either the micro pores of the surface or into uneven "hills and valleys" and the grout. Normal maintenance cleaning procedures and regular neutral cleaners cannot remove or prevent this build-up or grey soiled appearance. Now that patterned anti-slip tread tiles are being used, the soilage problem is becoming worse still, with shopping centres, hotel kitchens and washrooms becoming very difficult, if not impossible to clean effectively.

PUNCH a highly concentrated alkaline cleaner with extremely high water softening and degreasing qualities. Its aggressive cleaning and wetting action penetrates into the pores of the vitrified surface, helping to lift out old dirt and build up - in hot or cold water. The result will be immediate, especially when auto scrubbing.

Types of Surfaces Cleaned & Degreased with Punch

Glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, sawn sandstone, terracotta tiles, Mexican "Chicklet" tiles, semi-glazed quarry tiles, steel trowelled and wood-floated concrete, tile grouting, brick and clay pavers.

Application Areas

Shopping centres, tiled washrooms and toilets, shower blocks, Hotel kitchens, Restaurants, car parks, exterior tiled malls.

PUNCH Features

  • Highly concentrated alkaline formulation provides extremely high water softening and degreasing qualities.
  • Aggressive cleaning and wetting action penetrates into the pores of vitrified surfaces, helping to lift out old dirt and build up.
  • Results are immediate, especially when auto scrubbing.
  • pH 13.5 - 14.0.

Application methods/dilutions

Pressure blasting - prespray floors or walls at 1 part PUNCH to 10 parts water, with pump spray equipped with fan jet or through direct injection of chemicals through pressure washer under low pressure - water rinse either hot or cold. (Remove gum with GREASE RELEASE or ORANGE SOLV).

Initial Cleaning

Dilute PUNCH 1 part to 5 parts water, flood mop, spray or auto-scrub solution without vacuum on. Use "Tynex" brushes or black pads. Allow to stand for 5 to 15 minutes (don't let dry, re-apply to keep solution wet). Scrub, brush or automatic scrub with clean water in solution tank to rinse as you scrub. If no auto scrubber, spray with clean water and pick-up with wet/dry vacuum.

Maintenance Cleaning


Dilute PUNCH 1 to 40 to 1 to 60 parts water (3/4 to 1 cup per bucket) hot water works better than cold. Either flood mop and pick up dry or, if soilage is light, damp mop in hot or cold water. Pay attention to edges by leaving solution to stand for a few minutes and pick up solution last.

Auto Scrubbing

Dilute 1 to 50 parts water to 1 to 200 parts water depending on the severity of the soil. Add the solution tank using cold or hot water. Polypropylene, Nylon or Tynex brushes should be used in the order of severity of soil - polypropylene for the lightest soil, Tynex heaviest. Once per week, usually on the lightest traffic day, scrub with water only. If soilage removal is not responding use SPLASH diluted 1 to 100 instead of plain water. This should only be required 1 day per week.

Concrete Car parks

Sweep complete car park and with knapsack spray apply GREASE RELEASE directly to oily spills and allow to soak. To tank of automatic scrubber, add 1 part PUNCH to 25 parts water. Most scrubber capacity in the 32" size is between 70 to 80 LTRS so you will need approximately 2.8 to 3.2 LTRS of PUNCH per tank. Wet scrub into complete car park leaving vacuum and squeegee off. Double scrub greasy areas. Do only a large enough area for the PUNCH solution to stay wet before pickup and clean water rinse.

Safety Precautions

PUNCH is a strongly alkaline product, wear gloves and eye protection when pouring solutions of this product from the container. On the initial clean dilution of 1 to 5 parts water. PUNCH can be slippery on the floor. Always wear rubber gumboots with safety thread on initial cleaning jobs on ceramic tiles.

Do not allow solutions to splash on aluminium surfaces or brass surfaces as these will discolour, wash off immediately. Do not use on polished or sealed vinyl or timber surfaces. Always dilute PUNCH prior to application to floors.