Vinyl Floor Buffing and Burnishing

Cleaning Chemical to use for Vinyl Floor Buffing and Burnishing:

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Chemical Application

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Hard Surface Cleaner


Autobrite 20 Liters AGAR

C1 A Autobrite 20 Lit AGAR MSDS A06

Autobrite 5 Liters AGAR

C1 A Autobrite 5 Lit AGAR MSDS A06

          [*]   Mop & Clean Floor by AUTO BRITE (REVIVER)
          [*]   Burnish the floor with high speed Buffer Machine
                         Size:              [ ] 400mm            [*]  500mm
                         [  ]   P1 FPR: Red Reqular Pad Thickline
                         [*]   P1 FPU: UH Coco Ultra High Speed: Natural coco fibre cut burnish drag on soft finishes.
Mop & Clean floor with AUTO BRITE is a unique floor cleaner and restorer which cleans effectively and simultaneously replenishes the floor surface with acrylic polish. It is designed for damp-mopping and autoscrubbing and will leave the floor clean and ready for buffing to a very high finish. Alternatively, it may be used as a quick acting spray-buff solution.
Damp Mopping or autoscrubbing: 1 part AUTO BRITE plus 40 to 80 parts water
This method make floors ready for buffing to a high gloss finish.
150m per Hr