Timber Sanding and Polish

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing
Golden Brown timber floor sanding in Melbourne is an expert in floor polishing and specialist in floor sanding from a single coat refresh, to a full sand & re-finish. We install and restore new and existing Timber Floors.

Timber floors have a pleasant and natural feel to them. Although not easy, sanding and treating your floor yourself is rewarding and possible. Hard work but rewarding for some. Would you do it again? Probably not. Our team at Golden Brown Cleaning Services aims to surpass the expectations our clients set for us throughout the duration of their project, assuring that they will be completely satisfied with the final product each and every time. And also you no longer have to accept carcinogenic dust and toxic fumes when you appoint Golden Brown Cleaning Services dustless floor sanding as your timber flooring craftsmen. Repairs and installations. We specialise in timber floor sanding and polishing services that revitalise your flooring, and effectively remove any previous damage as well as provide protection from any that may incur in the future. Also we can do just about any colour tint for the floor polish, and we work with just about every type of timber. All of our timber floor polishing methods are hassle free, affordable, and conducted by a team of skilled experts that you can rely on.
Our team of floor sanding and floor polishing in Melbourne are options that satisfy the consumers who seek perfection in the flooring solution with extensive sustainability, appeal and customised options. Complete floor sanding and polishing has a great expertise in flooring solutions.

Can your floors be sanded? Most timber floors are solid sawn timber that is milled with a tongue and groove to lock the boards together. They may have been sanded a number of times already making them too thin for further sanding. Do not sand the floor if the timber above the tongue is less than 3mm in depth. Further sanding may cause the top layer to splinter off or to crack and may leave the boards loose. A quick way of checking the thickness to the tongue section is by inserting a thin metal ruler into a groove. If you have manufactured floors with only a thin timber veneer glued to a plywood base, you may not be able to sand them. The veneer is often too thin and if you have no experience with a belt sander, you may remove all the timber exposing the plywood and ruining the whole floor. Ask a professional floor sander for advice.