Clean after Builder

Cleaning Chemical to use for Clean after Builder:

Clean After Builder $2.50 per builder square

One Off or Call Out Cleaning Service Rate: $2.27 or $2.50 per square meter + GST + Transport/Shipping. We provide all chemical & cleaning equipment & transport. Call 03 99331100 for Free Quote. Condition Applies. Minimum charge: 11 hours of cleaning works for $395.00 + GST + Transport / Shipping per site cleaning. Email:

Builders Kleen Research Products

C1 RP Builders Kleen Research Products 5 Lit

Ammodet 5 Liters Agar

C1 A Ammodet 5Lit Agar MSDS A02

Ammodet 20 Liters AGAR

C1 A Ammodet 20 LIT AGAR MSDS A02

Acid Wash 5 Liters Agar

C1 A Acid Wash 5Lit Agar MSDS A01