Kitchen and Restaurant Cleaning

Kitchen & Restaurant Cleaning in Melbourne
We are specialise in deep cleaning professional kitchens in premises such as age care, Restaurant and Hotel, Pubs, University plus we can do canopy and filer cleaning, high pressure washing and sanitising and much more

Golden Brown Cleaning Services is specialise in restaurant cleaning & commercial kitchen cleaning in Melbourne, and we take pride in giving you the best kitchen cleaning service available.

Golden Brown Cleaning Services staff and contractor are fully trained in the latest restaurant cleaning techniques for exhaust system grease removal and kitchen equipment cleaning to ensure that your kitchen exhaust system and kitchen equipment is as grease free and sparkling clean as possible. From roof-top to stove-top, cleaning the grease out of the exhaust system and ensuring your restaurant kitchen equipment is cleaned according to the Australian Standard is our top priority when carrying out commercial kitchen cleaning in Melbourne.
One of the primary defences against fire hazards in any commercial kitchen is regular maintenance of its exhaust system. But when you don’t have a clean kitchen exhaust, you are putting your employees and your business at risk of an unexpected grease fire from the build up in your exhaust system.

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