Duro Sealer 5 Liters AGAR

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C1 A Duro Sealer 5 Lit AGAR

C1 A Duro Sealer 5 Lit AGAR Floor Sealer & Finish, is a supper glossy and non slip & Scuff resistant, rubber mark resistance, suitable marble, terrazzo and slate tile, vinyl, timber
What is Duro?
DURO is a super-glossy, tough floor sealer and finish for
polishing marble, terrazzo and slate floors, and all vinyl
and timber surfaces
Key Benefits
 DURO is extremely glossy
 DURO is so versatile it will seal any floor
How Does It Work?
DURO is applied in a uniform liquid film to the clean
floor. It dries to create a transparent, tough plastic film
that is resistant to cleaning and foot-traffic. On the
popular marble and terrazzo floors, DURO
demonstrates excellent gloss with a superb depth of
shine as well as superior wear and resistance to scuffing
and scratching. DURO adheres very well to all types of
stone so it is an ideal coating to protect stone from the
harsh scratching of foot traffic which can swiftly disfigure
soft stones like marble and slate.
For Use On...
DURO has been developed for sealing marble and
terrazzo floors as well as vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets and
timber floors; therefore, DURO is a sealer with great
versatility. On vinyl, DURO provides superior gloss and
wear levels together with a high degree of buffability -
this is an unusual combination for such a hard, tough
sealer. Field tests on vinyl tile floors have shown that
DURO raises the level of floor appearance right through
the day.
DURO may be buffed with all buffing machines from
400 to 2500 rpm. DURO is a non-slip coating.
Technical Data
DURO contains acrylic polymers, resins and
polyethylene waxes dispersed in solvents and water.
COLOUR – Milky white liquid
ODOUR – Faint ammonia odour
POLYMER TYPE — Metal cross-linked
pH = 9.0 ± 0.3
REMOVABILITY — Excellent with Agar
COVERAGE – 40-80 sq metres per litre.
Environmental Care
DURO conforms with all statutory
environmental requirements. It is based on safe
ingredients selected to perform efficiently so
there is no waste or damage. DURO is non-flammable
and biodegradable. DURO containers will be cleaned
and reused if returned to Agar Cleaning Systems Pty
Ltd., significantly reducing plastic usage and waste. They
can also be recycled.
Volatile Organic Compounds:
DURO contains a maximum of 1.52 grams per litre of
Volatile Organic Compounds.* DURO therefore easily
complies with normal ‗green‘ standards which require
the VOC content of floor polishes to be less than 7%
(ie. 70 grams per litre).
*Note: Volatile Organic Compounds are compounds
based on carbon with a vapour pressure less than 2mm
of mercury (0.27 kPa) at 25oC. [Methane is excluded.]