Polivac Predator MKII

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Steam Cleaning Machine, Wet Extraction 350e PSI max

Polivac Predator MK II

Steam Cleaning Machine, Wet Extraction

Polivac MK II: 
  Body: Fibreglass with Aluminum Frame
  Maximum Pressure: 350 PSI
  Wand: 3 Jet 12 Inch Stainless St
  Vacuum Hose: 7.5m
  Solution Hose: 7.5m
  Extension Lead: 15m
  Made in Australia
  Condition: Brand New


  M5 WEI Polivac Predator MKII Wet Extraction 350 PSI max Comes with 7.5 m Vacuum Hose, 7.5 m Solution Hose, 3 Jet 12 Inch Stainless-Steel Wand & 15 metres heavy duty rubber flexible safety lead. MK II High Performance Carpet Extractor. Body - fibreglass with aluminum frame, Wheels 2 non-marking lockable castors and 2 pneumatic tyres, 2 x 1100 Watt 2 Stage 240V, Motor ½ HP DP.FC, 350PSI max rated OilBath Pump, Pressure gauge - 16000 kpa liquid filled, Solution 50 Litres Recovery 50 Litres (11 gals), Thermostatically controlled 1500watt heating element, (PPREH)L 650mm x W 550mm x H 900mm, (PPREHJ), Hour meter 0-9999 scale, SHIPPING WEIGHTS: UNIT: 72 Kg, WAND: 6 Kg

Polivac MKII Wet Extraction Steam Cleaning Machine

The Polivac Predator MKII Carpet Extractor with Pre-Heater can be used for carpet, upholstery cleaning and flood recovery. This package contains the 3 most important tools that every carpet cleaner needs for portable, fully featured carpet cleaning machine, vacuum hoses and solution hoses and a carpet cleaning wand.

Carpet Extractor - Predator Mk II, Mk III

* Portable, fully-featured carpet extraction machines.    
* For small or large scale carpet cleaning and flood recovery.    
* All-Australian designed and built.
* MKII    -500psi. (Max operating pressure) optional extra - Auto fill/auto empty.
* MKIII   -1000psi. Optional extra - Auto fill/empty  
* 2 - 1100 watt, 3 stage, suspension-mounted bypass vac. motors.  
* Pump - 1500psi 0.56kw (0.75hp) pump motor      
* 50 litre (11gals) solution and recovery tanks
* Hour meter 0-9999 scale.    
* Heater - thermostatically controlled heater element.
* Pressure adjustment - combined external controller/air bleed valve.
* Pressure gauge - 1500PSI liquid filled.
* Switches - push button illuminating rockers.
* Electric overload protection.
* Float cutout with high recovery tank.
* 20 metre, heavy duty, flexible, safety lead.
* Body - fibreglass with aluminum frame.
* Wheels - 2 non-marking lockable castors and 2 pneumatic tyres.   
* Standard inclusions:
        * 30 cm (12 inch) stainless steel wand. 
        * 7.5 metres (295.3 inch) solutions hose. 
        * 7.5 metres (295.3 inch) vacuum hose.    

* Parts available all over Australia
* 120 Distributors.    
* Warranty - 1 year on motor and parts. 10 years on body.



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