Ride-on Scrubber Triple-brush XD1150

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M5 SAR Ride-on Scrubber Triple-brush XD1150

M5 SAR Ride-on Scrubber Triple-brush XD1150 It's flexible operation with three-brushes design and high cleaning efficiency. It's good use in cleaning big areas.
Voltage: 36VDC, Power: 4900W, Current: 165A, Speed: 0~7.5km/h, Brush rotation speed: 1150mm, Brush diameter: 3×420mm, Cleaning rate: 1300~5000m2/h, Exciting coil: 18V/10A, driving coil: 36V/58A, Floor motor: 3×36V×550W, Brush rotation speed: 180rpm, Water sucker motor: 2×36V×600W, Sucking degree: 210mbar, Squeegee lifting motor: 36VDC 100W 5A, brush lifting motor: 36VDC 60W 5A, brush pressure: 0~130kg, Water sucker: 1509mm, headlight: 24VDC 100W 2.5A, Battery: 6×6V 400AH, Clean water tank capacity: 170L, Dirty water tank capacity: 170L, Size: 2200×1180×1620mm, Color: Grey