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370mm Auto Scrubber Machine Battery Operator XD4A

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M5 SAP 370mm Auto Scrubber Machine Battery Operator XD4A

M5 SAP 370mm Auto Scrubber Machine Battery Operator XD4A, Voltage: 12V, Power: 500W, Brush motor: 12VDC/250W, Brush rotation speed: 165RPM/min, Brush diameter: 370mm, Water sucking motor: 12V/250W, Water sucker: 450mm, Clean water tank capacity: 11L, Dirty water tank capacity: 11L, Battery: 12V/85Ah, Electro magnetic valve : 12V, Net weight: 64kg, Gross weight: 79.5kg, Box Size: 110×560×450mm

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GB Scrubber Machine Battery Operator
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GB auto scrubber machine with battery

370mm Auto Scrubber Machine Battery Operator XD4A is ready to use straight away from the box, comes with one brush holder pad. Battery Operating Scrubber Machine has internal charger (Require no charger to carry on) just with cable power (supplied with machine) connect it directly to electrical power point to charge the battery.Operation Panel at a glance, the manipulation is simple, compact design, large capacity of water tank. Mechanical parameters at any time, according to running status understand, arc blow water, water more efficiently, to brush plate equipped with protection device, prevent sewer overflows.

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  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: 500W
  • Brush motor: 12VDC/250W
  • Brush rotation speed: 165RPM/min 
  • Brush diameter: 370mm
  • Water sucking motor: 12V/250W
  • Water sucker: 450mm
  • Clean water tank capacity: 11L
  • Dirty water tank capacity: 11L
  • Battery: 12V/85Ah
  • Electro magnetic valve : 12V
  • Productivity Cleaning Width: 14.5 inch, 370mm
  • Cleaning Rate in Hour: 11,000sq ft/hour, 3,353
  • sq. m/hour
  • Net weight: 64kg
  • Gross weight: 79.5kg
  • Shipment Carton Box Size: 1100×560×450mm
  • Brush Holder
  • Item: XD4A
  • Brand: GB 

Clean floors much faster and better than a mop. Let's face it - a mop and cleaning solution in a bucket starts out clean but quickly becomes soiled, spreading dirt, and debris over the "clean" floor. The new, eco-friendly XD4A scrubber will capture the dirt and debris that mops leave behind, totally removing them from the floor space. The XD4A's low moisture design includes an integrated parabolic squeegee system mounted just one inch behind the pad.

  • Highly Maneuverable: The 14.5" cleaning path fits easily down narrow congested aisles and the multi-position handle makes getting under counters a breeze. 
  • Simple To Use: This unit is so simple to use, you'll save time and money by reducing the training time required for your staff. 
  • Compact Storage: The collapsible handle and wheels on the back of the unit make storage easy. Stand on end to store in small closets or spaces.
  • Easy Access to Tanks and Batteries - For easy maintenance and access to batteries, simply remove the solution tank for filling and dumping purposes.
  • Feature is portable design and easy operation
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