Volkanex Sprayer Pump - 1Liter, Hand Held Spray Pump-up Solvent Resistant Sprayer

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B2 PSP Volkanex Spray Pump - 1Lit R, Hand Held Pump-up Solvent Resistant Sprayer Germany-Red

B2 PSP Volkanex Sprayer Pump 1 Liter Hand Held Spray Pump-up Solvent Resistant Sprayer Germany Colour Red

  • VITON Seals
  • Easy Pressurising
  • Heavy Duty Nylon/PPN Head & Pump
  • Liquid Capacity 0.9 lit.
  • Adjustable Nozzle 0.8
  • Automatic Safety Pressure Valve
  • Max. Pressure 3bar/44psi
  • V4A / S.Steel Springs
  • RedVS/040054

Quality compact manual pressure sprayer
Large filler neck enables the 1 Liter tank to be filled cleanly and any residues can be easily drained
The large pump lever can raise the internal pressure up to 2 bar, which lets you apply almost the entire contents without additional pumping
Adjustable nozzel
Large Filling Aperture
Solvent or aggressive based chemicals such as Tyre Shine, Degreasers, Brake Cleaner.

• Heavy Duty Nylon/PPN Head & Pump
• Liquid Capacity for 1.0lit Bottle is 0.9lit.
• Liquid Capacity for 1.5lit Bottle is 1.3lit.
• Adjustable Nozzle 0.8  
• Safety Pressure Valve
• Max. Pressure 3bar/44psi (1.0lit. Bottle)
• Max. Pressure 4bar/58psi (1.5lit. Bottle)
• V4A / S.Steel Springs
• Automatic Safety Pressure Valve