Masterpiece 5 Lit Floor Sealer Agar

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C1 A Masterpiece 5 Lit Floor Sealer Agar

C1 A Masterpiece 5 Lit Floor Sealer Agar Floor Sealer & Finish , is a high solids & durable & long lasting, high gloss and non slip suitable for slate tile, vinyl tiles, sealed terrazzo and sealed  timber with First Base, very good to use in high traffic area


MASTERPIECE conforms with all statutory

environmental requirements. It is based on safe

ingredients selected to perform efficiently so there is

no waste or damage. MASTERPIECE is a non-flammable

water-based product. Containers are recycled wherever


VOC Content

MASTERPIECE contains less than 2 grams of Volatile Organic

Compounds per litre. MASTERPIECE therefore complies

with ‘green’ standards which require the VOC content to be

less than 7% (ie., 70 grams per litre).

Main Benefits

􀀹 MASTERPIECE works well on all types of sealable floor.

􀀹 All-in-one sealer and polish.

􀀹 Masterpiece holds its gloss well and is suitable for floors

that are not buffed.

􀀹 Highly durable so film lasts longer.

􀀹 Wet-look gloss.

􀀹 High solids – fewer coats required.

􀀹 Lays smoothly and effortlessly off the mop.

􀀹 Easy to re-coat – simplifies periodic maintenance.

Product Use

MASTERPIECE is a non-slip product designed for application

to vinyl, timber and stone floors.

(Note: Ceramic tiles are usually not porous enough for acrylic sealers to

bond to successfully. Always pre-test the sealer on ceramic tiles before

applying to the entire floor. Lay 2 coats on one tile. When dry, stick adhesive

packaging tape across the tile then rip it off. If the sealer has remained in

place, it will be safe to use. If it comes off, the tiles cannot be sealed.)

MASTERPIECE will provide a glossy finish which will hold its

shine much longer than conventional polishes. It has an

especially high resistance to abrasion and can withstand heavy

traffic levels without wearing out.

For best results, we advise that Terrazzo floors which are

rough, very porous or subjected to very heavy traffic levels be

sealed with FIRST BASE prior to applying MASTERPIECE.

Coverage: 40 – 50 sq metres per litre

Available Pack Sizes: 5L & 20L

Product Type

MASTERPIECE is a long-lasting acrylic floor sealer with

excellent wear resistance and durability. It has been

formulated to reach very high gloss levels with gas-powered

buffing at ultra-high speeds, but is equally suited to lowmoderate

speed buffing.

MASTERPIECE is also an ideal basecoat product to go under

softer acrylic polishes.

Technical Data


COLOUR – Milky white liquid

ODOUR – Faint ammonia odour

pH = 9.0 ± 0.5

REMOVABILITY – Fully strippable

Slip Resistance

MASTERPIECE passes the Slip Resistance Test under dry

conditions as specified in AS/NZS 4586-1999. It gives a mean

Dynamic Coefficient of friction of 0.70 which is well above

the minimum requirement of 0.40.


􀂾 Remove adhesive, built-up sealer or wax and other

soilage using ULTRASTRIP. New floors should always be

stripped prior to sealing. Whilst a new floor looks clean,

it is covered in a protective film added at the time of

manufacture. New floor sealer will not adhere to this

film, so it must be stripped.

􀂾 Rinse floor, allow to dry, then fringe-mop to remove


􀂾 First mop on 2-4 coats of MASTERPIECE allowing 20-30

minutes to dry between coats.

􀂾 Maintain floor by cleaning with AUTOSCRUB or

SYMPOL and dry-buffing (for machines from 1000 to

2000+ rpm) or spray-buffing (for machines from 450 to

1000 rpm). Because MASTERPIECE is very tough, the

more aggressive natural hair fibre pads may be used to

achieve optimal repair of the scratching caused by

everyday foot traffic. This will ensure a shiny, beautiful

and long-wearing coating.

􀂾 Do not apply any sealer to a very cold floor (9°C or less).