Ghibli Backpack Vacuum 1450 W

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M5 VBP Ghibli Backpack Vacuum, 1450 W, Weight 4.78 Kg, Capacity 5.0 Lit, Low Noise 60 dbA, H14 Hepa Filtration comes with extra Turbo Head

Ghibli T1 Back Pack Vacuum

Motor: 1450 Watts
Noise Level: 60 dB
Airflow Rate: 51 L/ s
Capacity: 6 Litres
Weight: 4.78  Kgs
Warranty: 1 Year
Model: T1

European Design & Manufacture.
Motor Thermal Protection.
Quick Motor Change (easy to repair).
H14 HEPA Filtration.
5 Level Filtration System.
Electronic Powerhead Outlet.
Left & Right Hand Lid (designed for both left & right hand users).
Ergonomic Design.
Strong Harness Assembly.

Short Power Cord with 18 Metre Extension Lead.
1.5 Metre Vacuum Hose & Handle.
Small Attachment Kit (including Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool & Tool Caddy).
Lightweight Aluminium Extension Rods.
German Wessel-Werk Low Profile Floor Tool & Turbo Brush.
Improved Airtight Cloth Filter Bag with Re-inforced Metal Ring (6 Litre capacity).
3.3 Litre Dust Bag capacity.

With a Rich Italian History, the Ghibli T1 Backpack lives up to its European Heritage. Boasting 1450 Watts of Pure Force and weighing in at a mere 4.78kgs, it is one of the Lightest, Quietest and Most Powerful Backpacks on the Australian market and the pride of the Ghibli Family. It's HEPA-14 Filtration system and Thermal Motor Protection ensures the life of the machine. As a back-up we offer 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty for peace of mind.

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