T Glove Microfiber Sleeve Blue Window Washer, 25cm CT

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W1 TG 10" Microfiber Sleeve Blue T Glove Window Washer 1000GSM, 25cm

T Bar Glove Microfiber

W1 TG 10" Microfiber Sleeve Blue 1000GSM, 25cm

CT is a manufacturer of quality cleaning tools, window cleaning tools and accessories, squeegees, dusters, microfiber, floor finish applicators, extension pole. CT products are the most up to date window cleaning equipment digest Window ... CT Brand are known all over the world for their outstanding quality of our products.

CT Microfiber cover has double sewn seams for increased durability. We recommend this washer over others on account of it’s superior water retention and dirt absorption.


1. Produced by Green Manufacturing Technology
2. No dyeing procedure, so less pollution to environment
3. Better absorbency as higher percentage of microfiber
4. Can be used with bleaching agent without color fading
5. Can be washed in higher temperature without fear of releasing color pigment

T Glove