Some Tips about Marble

There are different types of marble floor such as marble mantels, marble medallions and marble gazeboes. 

Marble Floor Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning marble, there are many different types of marble and each needs to be addressed for its unique properties. It is very important to know that marble is a gorgeous material, and no other man made component can compare with its luxurious design and stature, that’s why cleaning marble is a very important process. The original shade of the white marble can be preserved by cleaning it with a cloth soaked in gas. Rinse with water and then wipe it up dry. It is not recommended to do this treatment very often.

Dirty white marble can be rubbed with pumice stone powder, then rinse and wipe it. To remove stains, grandmother once used Eau de Javelle: 1-2 drops are applied on the stain, then wipe it with water or scrub it with soap to remove the stains. Remove grease stains with a mix made of magnesium and gasoline. Allow the paste to act overnight and wash the next day with soap and water.

Use a separate mop/cloth, specifically reserved for stone. Change the mop water frequently. Rust stains can be removed immediately with potassium oxalate. Then rub the spot on the floor with floor wax. Red wine stains go if sprinkled with lemon juice, tartaric acid or aqueous ammonia. If the marble has lost its luster, stains can be sprinkled with pumice powder over which pour a few drops of oil. Allow some time to act, and then rub it carefully.

Cleaning marble plates can gain smoothness with the following mix, very easy to prepare: 80 g of turpentine oil, white wax and 10 g 2 g glue. Mix turpentine with wax. Dilute it and add it to the mixture. Preheat a woolen cloth (for example, put it on the lid of a hot pot). Apply polish with warm cloth and rub well.

Marble can’t be brushed because it breaks its surface. Mix a little lime with fresh water until a paste is obtained. Add a little ammonia. Apply it and allow about 2-3 days to act. Then rinse with fresh water and wipe the surface.

If stained marble, you can rub it with lemon slices. In this way you will highlight its beautiful texture. Next solution is very easy to prepare, because the ingredients are in any kitchen. Squeeze half lemon and mix with vinegar. Rub spots to disappear. Potassium soft soap was used once to clean floors and marble. Mix about 2 tablespoons of potassium soap with 1 / 2 teaspoon chalk and spread it on the marble. Allow several hours to act. Then warm a little bit of water, add 1 drop of ammonia solution and wash the floor with this solution.

Do not expose marble to lemon, vinegar or other acids. Don’t put hot items on marble and don’t use hot water. This is practically all there is to cleaning marble in its basic form. Obviously this isn’t a restoration program but only a simple cleaning guide. By following these advices, cleaning marble will appear a much easier task.