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Polivac Predator MKIII

M5 WEI Polivac Predator MKIII Wet Extraction 1500PSI max - Comes with 7.5 m Vacuum Hose, 7.5 m Solution Hose, 3 Jet 12 Inch Stainless-Steel Wand & 15 metres heavy duty rubber flexible safety lead. MK II High Performance Carpet Extractor. Body - fibreglass with aluminum frame, Wheels 2 non-marking lockable castors and 2 pneumatic tyres, 2 x 1100 Watt, 3 Stage 240V, Motor ½ HP DP.FC, 1500PSI max rated OilBath Pump, Pressure gauge - 16000 kpa liquid filled, Solution 50 Litres Recovery 50 Litres (11 gals), Thermostatically controlled 1500watt heating element, (PPREH)L 650mm x W 550mm x H 900mm, (PPREHJ), Hour meter 0-9999 scale, SHIPPING WEIGHTS: UNIT: 72 Kg, WAND: 6 Kg

Polivac Terminator Plus Mini Wet Extraction

M5 WEI Polivac Terminator Plus Mini Wet Extraction, 5m Solution Hose, 5m Vacuum Hose - Carpet Extractor, 2 x 1100 Watt 2 Stage 240V, Pump 600 PSI max rated Pump, Solution 50 Litres Recovery 20 Litres, L 710mm x W 815mm x H 850mm,2 Jet 12 Inch Stainless-Steel Wand, 20m Lead, SHIPPING WEIGHTS: UNIT: 45 Kg, WAND: 6 Kg

Mytee Speedster® Carpet Extractor, 1200 PSI, LTD12

M5 WEI Mytee Speedster® Carpet Extractor, 1200 PSI, LTD12