Carpet Cleaning Solution Hose 15m 1/4 Wand Cuff Valve

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T2 WEP Carpet Cleaning Solution Hose 15m 1/4 Wand Cuff Shut-Off Valve with QDSV

T2 WEP Carpet Cleaning Solution Hose 15m 1/4" Wand Cuff Shut-Off Valve with QDSV Suitable for Wet Extraction with Brass Connection USA


Soft,Small bending radius

  • High wear resistance Smooth wall
  • High power transmission efficiency, low loss
  • Assembled in USA with high quality components
  • Suitable for commercial carpet cleaning applications
  • One layer of high tensile braided steel – R1 Rating
  • More users of all ages
  • Item Specifications:


  • Pressure Rating:3,000 PSI
  • Temperature:-20° to 275° F
  • Length:50ft(16m)
  • Burst(Minimum):9,000 PSI
  • Color:Blue
  • Weight:6.83lbs
  • LxWxH:46(cm)x46(cm)x10(cm)
  • Heavy duty black bend restrictors on both ends

    1/4"x50ft Blue High Pressure Carpet Cleaning  Machine Cleaner

    The so-called nylon resin refers to a hydraulic pipe resin, which refers to the use made of malleable material nylon core, prepared by fiber reinforced skeleton layer is formed, and then the plastic wear-resistant resin climate package as a new outer layer of hose is currently upgrading rubber tube products are widely used.
    It is widely used in automotive pressure systems, rotating electric vehicle brake control system piping systems, automotive, hydraulic operation and hydraulic control system for machining, painting dedicated high-pressure pipe, oil well drilling industry long-distance transportation wash systems, corrosive liquids resin pipes, household and automotive air conditioning hose, high pressure testing the pipeline and so on.