Carpet Blower with Steel Fan Dryer 3 Speed 900W

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M5 CBM Blower with Steel Fan 3 Speed 900W, 220V, Blue Colour HT. Blow Floor Carpet radial fan blower
Carpet Drying Power Machine, Air Mover or Dryer, provides up to making it the perfect tool to tackle any job around the house. Powerful, extra quiet and energy efficient 3 speeds and 2 angle drying positions, including a swing-out kickstand. This light and compact unit can be carried up and down stairs with ease! It is perfect for water damage around the home.
Weight: 16.4 kg
Power: 900w
Air Flow Rate: 160 130 110m3/min
Unit Size: 30 x 27 x 34cm (LxWxH)
Package Size: 57*42*62cm
Speed: high medium low
Length of Cable: 7m
Blade Material: Stainless Steel

* The appearance design is smart and beautiful .
* The net cover for motor is to prevent the motor from inhalation of sundries.
* The big blasting turbine can generate larger air flow to improve the working efficiency.
* The polyethylene housing is to protect the elements inside the machine ,and it is safe,reliable and durable .
* Single speed selector and strong plastic outer shell,which can protect the inside components and make the machine safe and durable .
* With stronger wind power and lower noi machine is applicable for hotels,factories,warehouses and various damp sites.
* Attached carpet clip, helpful to dry the carpet.
* Its housing is made of high strength polythene.
* The three-gear speed regulation can satisfy the demands of various conditions.